SYNOPSIS eBook About Long COVID #aboutlongcovid #about #longcovid by Amira A. Saleh, MS

eBook "About Long COVID" by Amira Saleh, MS. Your guide in your search for understanding, treatments, relief and answers. Click this topic for more info: synopsis, table of contents and introduction. Or click the link below to go straight to ordering book: Donate what you can and get eBook as our gift to you!
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About Long COVID by Amira A Saleh, MS
--The search for treatment, relief, and answers.

Link to Synopsis, Table of Contents, Introduction: ... sIntro.pdf

CDC estimates almost 100 million people in the USA have had the acute viral pneumonia-like disease called COVID-19 and over 1 million have died because of it ( 9/29/22). Although many who get COVID-19 recover within 2 to 4 weeks, some continue to experience symptoms that last for months to years after their first symptoms appeared or may have new or recurring symptoms later. Some of these symptoms are debilitating. Those experiencing Post COVID-19 conditions are searching for treatment, relief, and answers.

When you get a diagnosis of Long COVID no one hands you a leaflet or a card with a phone number to understand what is going on with you. And if you’re an HR Manager or Leader of an organization you must understand this condition so you can best strategize how you will accommodate your employees as they seek treatment and recovery from Long COVID to retain your workforce. With nearly a third of all COVID cases developing into Long COVID, medical professionals will need to be prepared to recognize and treat this post viral condition.

In this #eBook, Amira A. Saleh, MS discusses everything from what is the post viral condition to how science and medicine are approaching treatment from the latest medical treatments, diagnostics to functional integrative medicine principals that are helping #longhaulers to manage their symptoms better while working towards recovery.

Saleh received her master’s degree in Molecular, Microbial and Cellular Biology from George Mason University and is a #longcovid research scientist and advocate for those suffering with Long COVID. Saleh is Founder and Director of the Long COVID Association, a public nonprofit scientific research and educational organization that is dedicated to serving the entire United States to help long COVID survivors improve their symptom management to lead to recovery and to work towards a cure.

You or some you care about may be struggling with Long COVID. You may be a medical provider who wants to learn more about this post viral condition to better care for your patients. Or you may be an HR manager or leader of an organization who needs to strategize how you will retain your work force – what accommodation do long COVID employees need while they recover, what benefits should you have in place, how you can help your long COVID employees keep their jobs so that you can retain your workforce. About Long COVID by Amira A. Saleh, MS is your guide to searching for treatments, relief, and answers to your questions about Long COVID.

Amira A Saleh, MS is giving a copy of this eBook with every donation to the
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